"I realized that every scientific knowledge which can not be transformed into practice resides between true and false." Ebû’l İz İsmail İbni Rezzaz Al Jazarî

Siirt University
al-Jazari International Innovation Days

Address: Siirt University, Kezer Campus, Engineering Faculty, C-Block

Date: Thursday 20 June 2019 09:00

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About IJIP-2019

Under the name of "al-Jazari International Innovations" days, this year and for the third time the IJIP activity will be launched in the host of Siirt University. In this context, IJIP-2019 is aimed to invite all national and international universities to participate in this activity.

In general, this activity will be undertaken in the following fields: Innovative projects from all the fields yet specifically from Cybernetics, Robotics and Software. Besides, updated versions of Jazari's inventions and mechanics is also welcome.
  1. - Artificial Intelligence : Artificial Intelligence App, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Big-Data etc.
  2. - Embedded Syatems & Robotics : IOT, Embedded Systems, arduino and PIC based projects, drones and humanoid robots etc.
  3. - Mobile App and Game Technologies : Desktop and mobile applications, 2D & 3D Games, Simulations, Animations, AI related projects, digital image processing, databases, data mining, digital games.
  4. - Virtaul or Augmented Reality : AR or VR apps

From the submitted projects, the evaluation council will select the best three candidates based on the following criterias: novelty, added-value and widespread impact.

Note: This activity will take a fully one day and Participants who are coming from out of Siirt city should make reservation before arrival.

Please prepare a poster sheet similar to the template provided below. Notice that, you should explicitly highlighs the university, department, city and country information at top of the poster. Poster should be 134 cm in width and 82 cm in height. You can download the template poster and update it according to your projects and needs. The originality of the projects and the lack of plagiarism project owners are responsible. Since our organization does not accept such responsibility, the copy and quote (plagiarism) they are deemed to have accepted that they are responsible for the project.

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Who is al-Jazari?

Nothing is known about al-Jazari's early life. He is famed for authoring the Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices. Like his father before him, he served as chief engineer at the Artuklu Palace, the residence of the Mardin branch of the Artuqids which ruled across eastern Anatolia as vassals of the Zengid dynasty of Mosul and later of Ayyubid general Saladin.[3] al-Jazari was part of a tradition of artisans and was thus more a practical engineer than an inventor[4] who appears to have been "more interested in the craftsmanship necessary to construct the devices than in the technology which lay behind them" and his machines were usually "assembled by trial and error rather than by theoretical calculation."[5] His Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices appears to have been quite popular as it appears in a large number of manuscript copies, and as he explains repeatedly, he only describes devices he has built himself. According to Mayr, the book's style resembles that of a modern "do-it-yourself" book.[6] Some of his devices were inspired by earlier devices, such as one of his monumental water clocks, which was based on that of a Pseudo-Archimedes.[7] He also cites the influence of the Banu Musa brothers for his fountains, al-Asturlabi for the design of a candle clock, and Hibat Allah ibn al-Husayn (d. 1139) for musical automata. Al-Jazari goes on to describe the improvements he made to the work of his predecessors, and describes a number of devices, techniques and components that are original innovations which do not appear in the works by his precessors. [Wikipedia] For accessing wonderful documentary movie please click the link.